Dead Sea Mud Soap

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The Dead Sea is a lake located on the border between Jordan and Israel. The mud and sludge deposited on its bottom are a natural mixture of mineral water and organic substances, loaded with mineral salts.

Mud from the Dead Sea is widely used in the world of cosmetics for its healing and therapeutic properties, providing great health benefits.

They contain multiple minerals such as: magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron or calcium; Very important and necessary for the body, which, when absorbed by the skin, nourish it, providing it with calming and relaxing effects, improving dermal conditions such as ulcers, sores or acne.

Spreading the pimples on the affected areas stimulate blood circulation and relieve muscle problems, arthritis, rheumatism ... thanks to its relaxing power.

The mud from the Dead Sea is used to make masks, both for dry and oily skin. Being especially indicated for oily skin, since they clean and regulate the creation of sebum, which causes pimples and other impurities. But used more than 2 times a week it can dry out the skin.

Performing massage with pimples on the scalp strengthens the roots of the hair, preventing excessive loss.

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